How to Make the Best Tips as a Bartender

Working at a local bar as a bartender is a fun and exciting career that many people enjoy. Although it is a predominantly female line of work, men also take the time to earn their TABC permit and begin this exciting career, with phenomenal results. If you’re ready to enjoy life as a bartender, make sure the tips below are put to use so you can pocket the maximum amount of money every day that you hit the clock.

Show Your Personality

When you’re at a bar around hyper, happy people ready to live the night away, you must possess that same positive energy. So let your personality shine from the second you walk in the door. Not only does the night go smoother, you’ll count more tips out at the end of the night and perhaps even find a few newfound friends.

Dress to Kill

When it is time to go to work, put your best foot forward as you get dressed. Choose freshly laundered, neat clothing that is appropriate for the atmosphere and shows your best features. Fix your hair and makeup, if you’re a woman, and wear a splash of perfume or cologne to keep the night swinging.

Flirt a Little Bit

TABC permit

You may not have any intentions of even telling a customer your real name, but a little flirting goes a long way and will help you get the tips that you want nonetheless. Don’t be afraid to do a bit of friendly flirting as you prepare those delicious drinks for your customers.

Great Service

Customers come to the bar to have a good time and leave their worries behind. Give them great service and they’ll thank you with great tips. Remember, the customer is most important when you’re on the clock. Treat them as such.

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