How to act at a wine tasting

Wine tastings are formal events that require a certain level of sophistication and restraint. They aren’t about drinking as much wine as you can or even the act of drinking at all, but rather comparing one wine with another one and appreciating the slight changes in taste from one wine to the next.

By working with other people to taste and talk about wine, or even gaining a chance to speak to the producer of a certain brand of wine themselves, attending a wine tasting can be a very educational experience.

Behavior at a wine tasting

Eating some food and drinking water between the sips of wine is a good way to prevent hangovers and drunkenness, and most wine pourers will only pour an ounce or so of wine into a glass at a time, in order to allow tasters to drink the most varieties of wine possible.

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Spitting out wine into a bucket or personal cup, while a little gross, is also a good way to taste the wine but not get it into the bloodstream. Don’t stare if people spit and just accept that while it’s gross and different, it’s normal at tasting events.

Using other senses

Smelling is also a key component to any wine tasting, so smoking is a bad idea, as even second-hand smoke can cause some problems with the smell factor. In addition, using deodorant, aftershave, and perfume is also prohibited as they have the same effect.

In conclusion, drink wine in moderation and do everything possible to stave off drunkenness, use the five senses and respect the habits and techniques of professional wine tasters. Once the rules of the wine tasting redway ca event are followed, then the true respect for wine and the people who love it can be explored.

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